Where Can The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Go Now?

Since the release of the new TCM sequel (available on Netflix – Read our review here) it has been loved, hated and everything in-between. It’s become very clear that this franchise title generates a heap of interest. Even allowing for the wild variances in quality throughout the series and the obliteration of any and all timelines, Texas Chainsaw films still draw a crowd. So, with it being established that there is an very active audience for Leatherface, I’ve come up with three places (the obvious, the dream and the ridiculous) that the next Texas Chainsaw film can go, all timelines, all sequels, all surviving characters are on the table and so are dumb ideas… also SPOILER ALERT for this current film and every other film that may get a mention.

A direct sequel to the 2022 film

Once again SPOILER ALERT – In a short after credit sequence we see Leatherface shuffling back toward the farmhouse, the farmhouse from the 74 original. Why is he going back there after all this time? Who lives there? Did the Old Man abandon Leatherface and take off after Sally escaped? The film could see Leatherface go back to the house that has been closed up for years, with the rotting corpses of his family upstairs as he is slowly he is driven insane (more insane?) by the voices and perceived ghosts of his family causing more violence, with one goal to create more family members…

An animated direct sequel to the 1974 film

Ok, so go with me here. The film follows Sally from the moment she escapes in the back of the truck and we see the Old Man and Leatherface chase her across rural Texas. A road trip horror, think Wolf Creek meets Road Games. The animation can give it a nightmare quality, something the original film was built on.

Get Zellweger and McConaughey back for a New Generation sequel

Yeah, you read that right. Get these Hollywood stars back, with a now almost full robotic Vilmer (McConaughey) who has married Leatherface and the honeymoon is to track down the one that got away. After Jenny (Zellweger) finds out they are coming for her, she plots her revenge, something that has been on her mind for the past 28 years…

So, there you go three places you could go for the next Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. Where would you like it to go? Are you open to more alternate timelines? Let me know in the comments.

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