Review: Cordelia (2022)

  • Director: Adrian Shergold
  • Writers: Adrian Shergold & Antonia Campbell-Hughes
  • Stars: Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Johnny Flynn, Catherine McCormack, Joel Fry, Michael Gambon


From the jump, you know that something is not quite right with Cordelia (Campbell-Hughes). Afraid, traumatized and paranoia from an unnamed incident.

It’s apparent that Cordelia still struggles with the incident and her twin sister Caroline looks after her, less of a flatmate and more of a carer. When Caroline decides that she is going on a trip away with her boyfriend, it leaves Cordelia alone and her broken mind takes over. When the upstairs neighbour Frank (Flynn) tries to insert himself into her life, Cordelia really begins to unravel.

Cordelia is in the throes of isolation, self induced. Cutting herself off or closing herself down around new people and even old acquaintances. The incident has damaged her psyche and as her and Frank continue to hang out together, things get worse. Cordelia is about loneliness even in a city as big as London and survivors guilt.

Shergold directs this film very well, it looks good and every shot is a deliberate choice. The writing is also decent, however it feels at times like it’s more of a stage play than a film. Getting inside characters heads and then showing that on the outside is a difficult task sometimes but Shergold and Campbell-Hughes managed to achieve this for the most part.

Campbell-Hughes runs the show as Cordelia, it’s a brave performance and gives her plenty of moments to show the audience her skill as an actor. Flynn is also good, manging to balance between a trustworthy person and possibly someone that is there to do harm to Cordelia.

Ultimately the film seems to offer up more questions than answers, at least beyond the obvious answer of Cordelia being nuts. Still it’s a well made film and one that offers something for those fans of heavy psychological films with a touch of horror.

Cordelia is available in Cinemas and On Demand May 20

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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