The 26th edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival is nearly upon us and we’ve trawled the seemingly endless list of films and come up with the six films that we think will be ones that you don’t want to miss. Fantasia International Film Festival runs July 14 to August 3.

First up is ALL JACKED UP AND FULL OF WORMS has been labelled as a earthworm-junkie-horror flick and if that doesn’t intrigue you, then I don’t know what will. Alex Phillips writes and directs this squirmy, wormy, drug fuelled nightmare and we want in. The film stars Phillip Andre Botello, Betsey Brown, Trevor Dawkins, Eva Fellows.

Next on the list is Korean film CHOROKBAM. Family secrets, bad omens and a possibly cursed family. Yoon Seo-jin’s films has an oppressive atmosphere, dread and familial breakdown’s. All you need for a not so fun but interesting watch. The films stars Kang Gil-woo, Kim Min-kyung, Lee Tae-hoon.

DEADSTREAM proves that found footage still has plenty of life in it! Joseph Winter, Vanessa Winter wrote and direct this film, that manages to put found footage back on the front foot. A livestreamer locks himself in a haunted house and hits record. You may think you know how this goes but with satire and splatstick being just two of the surprises in store, you absolutely don’t know what is coming.

Keeping with the husband and wife theme, GLORIOUS is directed by Rebecca McKendry who wrote the film with husband David Ian McKendry and Todd Rigney and Joshua Hull. Public restrooms aren’t places you want to spend more time in than you could possibly need. So what happens when you can’t leave one? Wes (Ryan Kwanten) has just this predicament and things are going to get much, much stranger for him… A mysterious public restroom, J.K Simmons, Kwanten and Rebecca McKendry, count us in for that.

HONEYCOMB, a bad trip via Lord Of The Flies. Avalon Fast directs a DIY film that looks anything but that. Five women leave their lives behind to inhabit an abandoned cabin that one of them found. One last summer before college, before the responsibilities of adulthood… Sex and drugs and a nightmare. We definitely want to grab a taste!

Our final must see is the Danish horror thriller, SPEAK NO EVIL. A Danish family vacationing are befriended by a Dutch family. When the Danish family gets an invitation to visit the other family for a getaway weekend in their remote house, how could they say no? Not long after arriving, one awkward misunderstanding follows another. Energies begin to shift. Boundaries start being crossed. Christian Tafdrup directs this dark comedy of manners before it descends into a dread filled film that will shake even the most jaded viewer.

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