• Director: Spider One
  • Writer: Spider One
  • Stars: Krsy Fox, John Ennis, Bryce Johnson, Adam Busch, Edward Hong


I really do love anthology films and sure they all vary wildly in quality, even within the films but that is their charm. With Allegoria it is a different kind of anthology film, five short stories with the central theme being about art and the pain of creating it (be it film, writing, painting etc) filtered through a horror story lens. Starting with an over zealous acting school coach pushing his students to become their true self on stage (or whatever the fuck acting coaches talk about) and ends with a great wrap around segment at the end that ties in quite a few of the stories.

Clocking in at seventy minutes, Allegoria has no time to waste. That both works for and against the film, as we barely get to know anyone but that doesn’t matter because in the next 5 to 10 minutes, you’ll be sitting with a new character and a new story. Creatives can be pretentious, this is almost skewered in every story but that doesn’t mean Spider One doesn’t take this film seriously because clearly he does and you know what? Good! The whole film plays up the horror aspect and any humour is incidental and there is nothing wrong with just wanting a straight out horror film with dark themes.

Spider One does have a good eye (as does Cinematographer Andy Patch), his direction through out all the stories shows off his knowledge and flair and it helps the film that the continuity of style carries through the different tales. All the actors are good too, just nailing everything they were asked to do, however it’s only Krsy Fox as Brodie who gets a chance to do a bit more with her character and also gets a really ominous closing quote as well.

Some great ideas are littered throughout Allegoria, the film has well composed visuals and in one particular story, a scary piano strain that really ramps up the tension. A brief collection of interlocking stories, Allegoria works well as a whole. A handful of dark cautionary tales that deserve your time.

Allegoria is On Demand and streaming on Shudder August 2, 2022.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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