Check out the clip from The Red Book. Available On Demand September 13, 2022.

The Red Book is a paranormal game from Mexico. Similar to the ouija board, through this game you can connect with spirits. To play you need an old book with a plain red cover, no pictures. Turn off the lights and light some red candles. To start the ritual, ask the question: “Red book, Can I join your game?”. The book will reveal the answers to all your questions… but what if your host is an evil entity with a thirst for blood?

Synopsis: Three friends decide to play the paranormal game The Red Book.  But what they don’t know is that in this house a witch died long ago as part of a satanic ritual.  Now every question they ask the spirits brings them closer and closer to her and the evil that is waiting to be unleashed.  In this game winners live and losers die.

Directed by Ariel Luque, Dean Puckett, Logan Fields and Chris Beyrooty, Dean Law, Daniel J. Phillips and Jiwon Moon. The film stars Valeria San Martín, Agustín Olcese, Marlène Pedersen Chauvière, Bruno Giacobbe, Agustín Bogliano, Marcos Bogliano, Martín Canalicchio, Inés Corengia, Pablo Vilela.

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