Directors: Bridget Smith & Samuel Gonzalez, Jr.

Writers: The Geare Brothers

Stars: Michael Lombardi, Marc Menchaca, Joseph Gatt, Katie Kelley


The Retaliators even by its name spells out that it is going to be a revenge film. The massive amount of foreshadowing early on, is anything but subtle and neither is the film. Wearing its intentions like a tattoo on a forehead, it’s overly cruel, brutal and very gory. Some twists and turns keep this from being a predictable film that you’ve seen many times before.

When Bishop (Lombardi) loses his daughter to a horrendous murder, he vows to find out what happened to her. Jed (Menchaca), the detective assigned to the case also has previous similar trauma. After catching the culprit, Jed offers Bishop one minute alone with his daughter’s killer. Will Bishop succumb to revenge and go down that path…? The film then takes a hard left turn and from that point the film changes. This change will probably make or break the film for you. Personally, I found it a good change, at the least it put a different slant on a few well worn horror tropes.

The acting is pretty earnest throughout and whilst the dialogue borders on cheesy it suits the story and the style of the film.

The gore is decent, with the highlights being some epic blood sprays and a particularly excellent machete double amputation. Directors Smith and Gonzalez Jr, give the film an energetic burst and manage to pull off some very nice shots, especially for a smaller budgeted film.

The Retaliators has the feel of a straight to video gem you used to find on the shelf at your local video store and I mean that in the best possible way and not as an insult. It’s an uneven, wild film that revels in its gore and outlandish situations. The Retaliators is a whole lot of violent fun.

The Retaliators is out in cinemas worldwide.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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