Check out the trailer for The Civil Dead. Out February 3rd at Alamo Drafthouse theaters (USA). Starring and written by Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas. Clay Tatum directs.

Clay (Clay Tatum) is a loner photographer who enjoys a mundane life with his artist wife Whitney in Los Angeles. Whitney advises Clay, who has been creatively stagnant and unemployed for months, to go out and be productive while she’s out of town and not to “just lay in the living room and drink beer.” While taking photos out in a park, Clay happens upon his long-lost friend, Whit (Whitmer Thomas). After a night of catching up, Whit discloses an unsettling secret to Clay, which puts a strain on his marriage and causes him to question his own sanity.

** THE CIVIL DEAD is rolling out in Alamo Drafthouse theaters across the country with live Q&As from Clay Tatum and Whitmer Thomas starting on February 3rd, 2023. Full info and dates are available HERE **

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