The Greasy Cabane à Sang International Film Festival is proud to announce that it will be representing Quebec during the next edition of Courts Mais Trash, an independent short film festival based in Brussels, Belgium, taking place in the Belgian capital from January 24th to 28th 2023.

For the occasion, Frank Appache, founder of Cabane à Sang, will be there to host the screening titled Courts mais super trash, which will be the closing night of the festival. An entirely Quebecois and completely cheap selection of films will be awaiting the Belgian audience:

8=D by Jonathan Larose, Madame Coucoune by Frank Appache, Brigitte by Gabriel Auclair Doucet, Gardiennage de l’enfer by Frank Appache et Camille Monette, L’Incroyable Paul by Geneviève Dunn and Étienne Destroismaisons, Marcel Beauséjour by Cédric Senécal and Sam Proulx, Psychoporno by Patrick Fortin, Pigu by Jimmy G. Pettigrew, Termitator by Camille Monette and Xtermination by Felipe Arriagada-Nunez.

Frank Appache states:

«Court Mais Trash is a model for Cabane à Sang. It is also the first place where I won an award for one of my films. It is with great pride that the festival will be participating on this edition, with the goal of showcasing Quebec cinema. It’s a rather surreal scenario considering some of the selected films were made with only $200 for from our first ever Party Pooper Spectacular competition and are now flying to Belgium!”

Cabane à Sang is an annual Montreal-based short film festival that celebrates trash, horror and science fiction since 2017. Cabane à Sang aims to bring back the high-energy atmosphere of grindhouse cinema, where offbeat screenings, beers and laughter meet.

Courts Mais Trash is an annual independent short film festival based in Brussels, Belgium since 2005. Each year, the festival selects more than 100 short films and invites more than 40 filmmakers from around the world.

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