• Director: Fabián Forte
  • Writer: Fabián Forte
  • Stars: Mauro Altschuler, Mariana Anghileri, María Laura Cali, Germán de Silva, Lorena Vega


Argentinian film Legions is The Evil Dead by way of an estranged family drama with a big dash of Bruja folklore.

Antonio (de Silva) is a (self-proclaimed) Bruja, who is descendant from a long line of Bruja’s in his family, as he says – it’s in our blood. Antonio is estranged from his daughter Elena (Vega), who subsequently put him into the mental asylum, due to his claims and behaviours and it is where he currently resides. He spends his days telling stories and writing plays about his experiences with demons and being a Bruja. He seems content enough to whittle away the days until the demon that claimed his wife is back and is now after his daughter. Antonio has to break out of the asylum and get to his daughter before the demon does.

Forte’s direction is very good, his framing and he has a clear idea about how he wants each scene to look, whether it be in the humid jungle or the cold walls of the asylum. The demons also look good especially early on when you get a good look at them and even though there isn’t a lot of effects, what we do see if very well done. This includes a particularly gnarly facial injury that you do not see coming!

De Silva is the centre of the film, and his weary portrait of Antonio gives the film a real warmth. That’s weird to say about a demon filled horror film, but it is true. Combined with a nice array of characters at the asylum and de Silva’s performance Legions has a good base to tell the story but unfortunately it leaves a bit too be desired, with respect to the relationship between Antonio and his daughter, it isn’t explored enough, and you only get snippets of the past and why she and her father are estranged.

Legions is a lot sweeter and funnier than you’d think but it also has a few flat spots that really make it slow down to its detriment. Having said that it is still a very entertaining film but not as much of a horror film as you would think.

Legions available now on VOD

Ryan Morrissey-Smith | Twitter: @TigersMS78

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