Review: Hors D’oeuvre [-SHORT FILM-]

Hors D'oeuvre...Director: Aleksandra SvetlichnayaWriter: Aleksandra SvetlichnayaStars: Aleksandra Svetlichnaya, Mariela Castillo, Sarah Megan MaltzReviewAleksandra Svetlichnaya created the Dinnerverse 4 years ago, kicked off by the incredible Dinner (2015), followed by Breakfast (2016) and Midnight Snack (2018). Her Buffy influences were on full display through those 3 films, all of them featuring monsters, face kicking and a... Continue Reading →

Short Film Review: Midnight Snack

@DustyEvely reviews...Throughout the life of this series, we have seen Dylan as the unknown hero emerging from the shadows to kick monsters in the face. We've seen her as the comic book character in human form, temporarily bending to the will of others before breaking free and taking control of her own destiny.In Midnight Snack,... Continue Reading →

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