Short Film Review: Midnight Snack

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Throughout the life of this series, we have seen Dylan as the unknown hero emerging from the shadows to kick monsters in the face. We’ve seen her as the comic book character in human form, temporarily bending to the will of others before breaking free and taking control of her own destiny.
In Midnight Snack, we see Dylan as we’ve never seen her before: as a babysitter to two man-babies who couldn’t go on their camping trip. 

Midnight Snack gif
The reason the camping trip fell through is relevant here: Oscar forgot to buy s’mores supplies. These men had to call off their entire trip because they didn’t have s’mores supplies. As Steven screamed, “Camping without s’mores? What even is the point?!”
Instead of embarking on a sure-to-be terrible camping trip, Oscar and Steven spend the weekend at Oscar’s grandmother’s house, each of them desperately trying to impress Dylan only to be met with a roll of the eyes.

Midnight Snack gif
All that changes when Steven finds Nana’s mysterious box. Wrestling over the box ensues, a demon is unleashed, and the crew must find a way to defeat it.
I’ve been following Aleksandra Svetlichnaya’s career for a while now and have come away from every one of her short films impressed with her vision. Her love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been on full display. As a Buffy fan myself, I have loved seeing all the nods to that series. 
That’s what makes Midnight Snack so much fun. She has always worn her Buffy influences on her sleeve. But she flips it here. Midnight Snack deals with the question of what happens when the hero is suddenly the villain and needs to be dealt with. In other words, what if Buffy turned into Angelus and the only person that could stop her was The Zeppo?

midnight snack gif
Midnight Snack is another solid entry in Aleksandra’s Dinnerverse. She is a talented filmmaker who just keeps getting better. I can’t wait to see what she does next. 
You can watch the trailer for Midnight Snack here.
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