Movie Review: Unfriended

@calcium_waste reviews Unfriended, calls it a murderous fusion of terror and social media... This year has been incredibly lax for great horror films, and disappointingly so. Not only has there been a limited number of releases for the genre, but the quality of many of this year’s releases have been tedious and less than mediocre—with... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: It Follows

@calcium_waste weighs in on It Follows...Ever since hitting indie theaters earlier this year, “It Follows” has been receiving an immense amount of critical acclaim, going as far as being deemed “the most terrifying horror film of the past decade.” Due to its extensive positive praise and high-grossing status, the film was expanded to a wide... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Extraterrestrial

@calcium_waste probes this alien abduction film...The dark storylines of The Vicious Brothers, known for their cult favorites Grave Encounters 1 & 2, have returned in an entirely new way for their newest film, Extraterrestrial. Given the title alone, we know exactly where this film is headed, and it wastes no time getting there. The film... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: As Above, So Below

@calcium_waste trawls through the Paris underground and reviews As Above, So Below...Found-footage horror films are a dime a dozen these days, growing in popularity since the first Paranormal Activity film seven years ago and fueling unwatchable copycat mediocrity. The scares are cheap, the storylines are bland, and the originality is nonexistent. Thankfully, As Above/So Below... Continue Reading →

First two episodes review – AHS: Freakshow

@calcuim_waste gets his tickets and reviews the first two episodes of American Horror Story: Freakshow...Since its bloody beginnings, American Horror Story has been known for its macabre settings, dark plotlines, and highly intricate storytelling, along with insanely unexpected twists and gallons of bloodshed. Each season—or rather, miniseries—has presented us with a new sinister and gripping nightmare to decipher.... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: V/H/S: Viral

@calcium_waste loads up the VCR and reviews V/H/S: Viral...It is a safe assumption to say that the V/H/S films have become modern day cult classics for horror fans, particularly those with a taste for found-footage. Viral is now the third installation in the VHS anthology series, during which characters have been known to watch horrific,... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The ABCs of Death 2

@calcium_waste stares death in the face as he reviews The ABCs of Death 2...  Many horror fans with an affinity for cult films flocked to The ABCs of Death when it was first released in 2012. With such an original concept, it was impossible to resist. We have, 26 directors, 26 letters of the alphabet,... Continue Reading →

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