Return Of The Killer Shrews Now On VOD

Return Of The Killer Shrews...In the tradition of Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, What We Do in the Shadows, James Gunn's Slither, and Sy Fy’s Sharknado franchise, the demented creature feature Return Of The Killer Shrews splatters its way onto VOD platforms this Halloween season!Fans of pop culture and gonzo gorefests will eat up this... Continue Reading →

Fanged Up Trailer

Fanged Up...Check out the trailer for Fanged Up.The film stars Daniel O'Reilly, Danielle Harold, Stu Bennett. Christian James directs.SynopsisA young rogue is thrown into prison for the weekend, unaware that the guards are blood-sucking vampires and the inmates are their victims.Image: IMDb

Little Evil trailer

Little Evil...Check out the trailer for Little Evil. The film gets released on September 1 2017 (Netflix).The film stars Evangeline Lilly, Adam Scott, Bridget Everett, Owen Atlas. Eli Craig directs.SynopsisGary who has just married Samantha the woman of his dreams, discovers that her six-year-old son may be the Antichrist.Image: IMDb

Movie Review: President’s Day

@lcfremont reviews...Director: David ZuckermanWriters: Benjamin Goodwin, David Zuckerman, Jud ZumwaltStars: Matthew Broussard, Mike Ostroski, Josh Nasar, Michael Minto, Brittany Faith RosoffReviewBeing a horror fan means being well acquainted with disappointment, especially when it comes to the tricky niche genre of horror comedy. For every Dead Alive or Slither, there’s an 11th installment of the Scary... Continue Reading →

The Night Watchmen Trailer

The Night Watchmen...Check out The Night Watchmen trailer.The film stars Ken Arnold, Dan DeLuca, Kevin Jiggetts. Mitchell Altieri directs.SynopsisFour inept security guards who, along with a sexy tabloid journalist, find themselves up against a horde of hungry vampire clowns (clownpires).Image provided by author

Trailer cut for The Slashening

The Slashening trailer...The film stars Anna Callegari, Samantha Reece Schecter, Elyse Brandau and is directed by Brandon Bassham.From the press releaseThe Slashening is an old fashioned slasher throwback to films like Black Christmas,Halloween, When A Stranger Calls, and Slumber Party Massacre but with a ton ofaggressively inappropriate humor. SynopsisBest friends Lucy, Margot, Ashley, Beth and... Continue Reading →

Crazy Bitches be crazy scared

Official trailer for Crazy Bitches...The film stars Samantha Colburn, Cathy DeBuono, Andy Gala and Jane Clark writes and directs.Synopsis7 girls and 1 fab gay guy plan a getaway to a remote ranch for a week of gossip and grub. They start off where they always do, old rivalries in place, extreme vanity covering great insecurities,... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Fear Town, USA

@lcfremont visits Fear Town, USA and finds it hilarious...Careful all you Dungeons and Dragons champions: something wicked this way comes on St. Blevin's Day. A holiday that celebrates St. Blevin heroically driving all of the Polish children out of town and into the ocean, this is also a day that you are guaranteed to crush... Continue Reading →

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