Movie Review: Fear Town, USA

@lcfremont visits Fear Town, USA and finds it hilarious…

Careful all you Dungeons and Dragons champions: something wicked this way comes on St. Blevin’s Day. A holiday that celebrates St. Blevin heroically driving all of the Polish children out of town and into the ocean, this is also a day that you are guaranteed to crush some pussy. At the stroke of midnight all women must begin porking the man standing closest to them.

As four virgins, a girl with a secret, two super tough bros, a girl looking for love and, of course, an escaped mental patient all travel to the St. Blevin’s Day party in the woods, their paths will intersect in ridiculous and outrageous ways. All they have to do is follow the directions on the flyer that promises SEX! and TITS! Take the deserted highway to the Indian burial ground, hang a left at the old mill and then a right at the foreclosed concentration camp. Keep going down a long, scary dirt road until you reach Lake Blood. There’s also going to be a psychic there!

Writer/director Brandon Bassham brings us a horror comedy that is made up entirely from performers of the Upright Citizens Brigade. Fear Town, USA is what would happen if Wet Hot American Summer and Bloody, Bloody Bible Camp had a baby. It’s more of a comedy that has utilized all of the pedestrian horror film tropes to be self aware and poke fun at all things current, shallow and stereotypical.

Stabbin’ cabins, masked murderers, evil ghosts, inebriated mean girls, the devil himself and an underage girl looking for her internet boyfriend all come together in the usual cabin in the woods and it’s hilarious. Self described as a super low budget indie, the great comedic performances make you forget how low budget it is. Low budget is never a bad thing, but sometimes the low budget acting that can accompany it can make for a distracting experience. Fear Town, USA does not suffer from this in the least; even the intentionally bad acting is good.

Watching this film, you can feel that everyone involved had a great time making it and that really shines through and helps enhance the viewing experience. There are so many laugh out loud moments in Fear Town, USA that it would take days to name all of them, but the online conversation in the beginning gets a special shout out. As someone who didn’t know what LOL stood for, this bit was especially hilarious.

Despite coming in at the usual 90ish minute mark that most cookie cutter horror movies run, this movie begins to feel a bit long around the 70 minute mark, but only because a joke can only run for so long. For this girl anyway. This is really the worst thing I can say about Fear Town, USA and that is barely an offense; it’s just one person’s opinion. We all need to take a break from horror now and again and this is the perfect option. It’s a lot of laughs with a sidecar of extremely low budget practical effects. Available to watch for free on YouTube and Vimeo, I cannot recommend this film highly enough.

Lisa Fremont

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