Short film Dogged becoming feature length

Dogged...Check out the Kickstarter for Dogged, read on for the details below.From the Press Release“Dogged” is a 4 minute horror short made in 2015 by Ash Mountain Films and director Richard Rowntree. The film is not available to the public just yet as it has been entered into several genre specific festivals around the world. It... Continue Reading →

Want A Postcard From Hell?

Postcard From Hell...A Postcard From Hell is about to commence its Kickstarter, so we'd thought we'd share this because it looks pretty cool.Darren Hughes along with artists Paul Loudon & Vanessa Wells, have worked together creating an 8 postcard series. So go check out the Kickstarter page, there is some fricking sweet art there.Image courtesy... Continue Reading →

Interactive Horror Series – Nightmares

Nightmares Kickstarter...Check out the press release for this new kickstarter - Nightmares!From the Press ReleaseA new interactive horror series is coming soon. “Nightmares” - An in-depth nightmare re-enactment series has launched on Kickstarter. Nightmares are one of the very few experiences that connects every living person on the planet. The series dives deep into the... Continue Reading →

Savage Sistas need your help!

Savage Sista's kickstarter...Do you love road trip horror movies and kick-ass women? (The answer is yes) Well if you are one of those people then check this kickstarter out and take a look at the trailer below!From the Press Release SAVAGE SISTAS – The Fresh Look of Roadside Horror!Looking for a new spin on classic 70s... Continue Reading →

Slashermania gets a kickstart(er)

Welcome to Slashermania...Check out the first preview panel and the bottom of the page, you can get yourself all 7 preview pages, read on to find out.Slashermania is an original graphic novel, an epic tribute to the best (and worst) slasher movies of the eighties. Written by Russell Hillman, with art by Ron Joseph, Jake... Continue Reading →

Film News – Lakewood Kickstarter

At the start of the month we told you about the #FearYourMemories campaign for Danny Allen's Lakewood......and the Kickstarter campaign mentioned in that article launched this past weekend.The film is a feature-length psychological thriller about paranoia, seclusion and bullying that takes the concepts behind "THE SHINING" and 'MEMENTO' and flips them on its head and... Continue Reading →

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