Slashermania! Take a look at this kickstarter

Slashermania...Check out all the details for Slashermania below & go visit their kickstarter here - the Press ReleaseFREAKTOWN COMICS PRESENTSSLASHERMANIA1983. Troubled teens from New York and Los Angeles are taken to a summer camp facility to be trained as counsellors and mix safely with other people their own age. Little do they know they are being... Continue Reading →

Burial Plots – Kickstarter

Burial Plots...Check out this kickstarter for a new comic horror anthology, get the details from the press release below.From the Press ReleaseFilmmakers Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George are unleashing a Kickstarter campaign for their new horror project, BURIAL PLOTS. Inspired by creepy comics likeTales from the Crypt and The Witching Hour, BURIAL PLOTS contains thirty... Continue Reading →

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