Along Came The Devil Trailer

Along Came The Devil...Check out the trailer for Along Came The Devil (formerly Tell Me Your Name).The film stars Sydney Sweeney, Madison Lintz, Bruce Davison. Jason DeVan directs.SynospisAshley (Sydney Sweeney, “The Handmaid’s Tale”) is sent to live with her estranged Aunt Tanya (Jessica Barth, Ted 2) . While in her old hometown she has visions... Continue Reading →

Getting high to keep your demons hidden…

Inner Demons trailer cooks up a hit...It's said that having an addiction is like having a demon inside you...well now Inner Demons makes this literal.The film stars Lara Vosburgh, Morgan McClellan, Kate Whitney and is directed by Seth GrossmanSynopsisInner Demons follows an 'Intervention'-style reality show crew that films an episode about a sixteen-year old girl, a... Continue Reading →

POV Possession!

Step into this possessed body...Whilst possession films aren't something new, here we at least have an interesting way to film it. Grace: The Possession lets you live the possession, with it being filmed from Grace's point of view. Well it worked for Maniac so why not - and it's not found footage either. The film stars Alexia... Continue Reading →

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