POV Possession!

Step into this possessed body…

Whilst possession films aren’t something new, here we at least have an interesting way to film it. Grace: The Possession lets you live the possession, with it being filmed from Grace’s point of view. Well it worked for Maniac so why not – and it’s not found footage either.

The film stars Alexia Fast, Alexis Knapp, Joel David Moore, it is directed by Jeff Chan.

Grace is a beautiful, naive, virginal college freshman trying to deal with campus culture and her outgoing new roommate. But when a terror takes over her body and unleashes chaos, Grace returns to the cold clutches of her severe grandmother and the strict rules of the Church. Haunted by the horrific death of her mother and her deeply ingrained destructive urges, Grace must stop the demon inside before it’s too late.

Images: Trulydisturbing.com

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