Our Halloween Favourites

Halloween Film Favourites...Everyone has their favourite films to watch at this time of the year and our group at Haddonfieldhorror.com is no different. Below are just some of our favourite films watch during the Halloween season. Let us know what is your favourite!Lisa Fremont - @lcfremont - VampyrFor me, it isn’t really Halloween until I’ve watched Vampyr.... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Antisocial 2

@RJBayley reviews...Director: Cody CalahanWriter: Chad Archibald, Cody Calahan, Jeff MaherStars: Michelle Mylett, Stephen Bogaert, Josette HalpertReview:This review contains spoilers for Antisocial and Antisocial 2.The original Antisocial is a criminally underrated and under-seen film. It has witty dialogue delivered by fun and occasionally memorable characters, all while managing to make its limited setting work to bring a... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Jonah Lives

@RJBayley heats up the metaphor machine and reviews Jonah Lives...Writer/Director/Producer Luis Carvalho’s Jonah Lives, which originally came to life in 2012, is kind of like the horror B-movie equivalent of working in A & E and having an apparently lifeless body dropped in front of you. At first everything seems to be as it appears;... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Hi-8

@RJBayley checks out Hi-8 safe to assume he didn't like it...It’s a point often made in music: humourous pastiche music requires a level of musicianship that’s very good. Take 80s cock-rock throwbacks Steel Panther for example, or authors of the greatest song in the world, Tenacious D.The concept isn’t one that’s often broached in cinema... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Cannibal Metropolis

@RJBayley gut munches his way through Cannibal Metropolis...It’s always worth re-iterating that one should judge a work of fiction, in this case Saurav Dutt’s book Cannibal Metropolis, by what it intends to be. Cannibal Metropolis wants to be a literary equivalent of one of the films of ‘77 - ‘81 cannibal boom, which probably brought horror... Continue Reading →

Texas Chain Saw Massacre 40th Anniversary

TCM 40th Anniversary special!Throughout the year Haddonfield Horror has been giving you reviews and views on the Texas Chain Saw Massacre (and it's sequels) for the 40th Anniversary. October 1 was the actual day and so with that in mind we have cobbled together everything we have written on this and crammed it all into the one post - just... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

@RJBayley helps us celebrate the 40th Anniversary of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre with a review of the original, relentless nightmare - The Texas Chain Saw Massacre...The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of the greatest films ever made. Yes, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, not The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as it’s often so erroneously called,... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Apocalyptic

@RJBayley drinks the kool-aid and reviews Apocalyptic...  Another day, another low budget Australian found footage film (FFF). Still, with the rate that country is producing them you’d hope they’d make at least one that comes up trumps at some point. Unfortunately Joel Anderson’s Lake Mungo (2008) was already the film that came up trumps, so... Continue Reading →

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