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Halloween Film Favourites…

Everyone has their favourite films to watch at this time of the year and our group at Haddonfieldhorror.com is no different. Below are just some of our favourite films watch during the Halloween season. Let us know what is your favourite!

Lisa Fremont – @lcfremont – Vampyr

Vampyr poster

For me, it isn’t really Halloween until I’ve watched Vampyr. This 1932 classic is 73 minutes of eerie, gorgeous visuals. Vampyr is the celluloid version of a beautiful nightmare with it’s rolling fog, dreamy atmosphere and unique camera work. A must see for any horror fan, it’s a classic that stand the test of time.

Lacie Grayson – @fkmuse – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

rocky horror picture show poster

My pick would be Rocky Horror Picture Show, because it gives adults the perfect reason to dress up, act weird and throw things – What more do you need on Halloween?

RJ Bayly – @RJBayley – The Evil Dead II

evil dead 2 poster

The definitive cabin the woods horror. It perfectly captures all out insanity on celluloid, with moments that leave you not knowing whether to laugh or scream – both simultaneously is the ultimate response. Groovy.

David Paul Hellings – @HellingsOnFilm – Trick R Treat

trick r treat poster

Michael Dougherty’s initally negelected 2007 film Trick ‘r’ Treat. The film captures both elements of Halloween as it’s celebrated in the modern era – the horror and the fun. Not all of it works, but enough does to make it the cult favourite that it has become. It has a strong cast and good ideas and is worth adding to the list of films to watch once you’ve gone door to door for candy and finally sat down for the rest of the dark Halloween night.

Ryan Morrissey-Smith – @TigersMS78 – The Devil’s Rejects

The Devils Rejects poster

A film that catches a fair bit of heat from those against it but The Devil’s Rejects is the best exploitation/horror/road movie made since the 70s. Every Halloween I’ll sit down and watch it. Its gritty, balls out horror that isn’t afraid to take risks and play with the audiences allegiances.

Gemma Roberts – @GemLER1983 – A Nightmare on Elm Street

a nightmare on elm street poster

Who can forget that noise? Metal against metal as a certain disfigured monster with knives aplenty waltzed into out hearts and nightmares forever. Halloween is the perfect time for a little Freddy action – blood, gore and humour rolled up into one – you can’t go wrong. This year it also gives us a chance to remember Wes Craven…

The definite overall favourite though for this time of year can of course only be one film –

Halloween (1978)

Halloween poster

David Hellings – @HellingsOnFilm

With predictability I’m going with John Carpenter’s seminal Halloween. Carpenter’s film remains one of my all time favourite horror films and is as great today as it was upon its release. Halloween has the vibrancy and imagination from a young director and a superb cast and crew to create a film of cold and calculating threat. That so much of it is set during daylight hours steers it away from the horror cliches that so many audiences had been used to and makes suburbia no longer the safe environment so many had always seen it as. Bold, influential, scary and with a soundtrack that is unforgettable, pumpkin season wouldn’t be what it is without Michael Myers coming home.
RJ Bayley – @RJBayley
Halloween – there’s no other choice for me. It is the definitive Halloween film, right there in the title. It’s so wonderfully shot that it bears an annual repeat even thought I know it inside out. Michael Myers is the original, proper, slasher (despite what some revisionists might tell you) and he’s an iconic figure that still has the power to deliver nightmares today.

Gemma Roberts – @GemLER1983

There is nothing like watching a film set on Halloween…on Halloween! It still scares me, I can’t go near a dark window for a long time after …and if there is washing hanging on the line in the garden, forget it – I am not going out there…

Image: design.tutsplus.com & IMDb

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