Get ready for some Surface Tension

New comic series coming soon from Titan Comics...From the Press ReleaseThis May, Titan Comics is proud to release a brand new creator-owned series called Surface Tension. This is a beautifully drawn ecological horror by rising star Jay Gunn which has been described as The Walking Dead, meets Studio Ghibli and Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. We... Continue Reading →

Comic Review: The Rage Vol 2: Kill or Cure

@TigersMS78 checks out volume 2 of the child zombie comic The Rage Vol 2: Kill or Cure...The Rage Vol 2: Kill or Cure follows on (unsprisingly) from The Rage Vol 1: Zombie Generation (review here).Vol 2, gives the reader some more insight into the motivations behind some of the characters whilst dropping a nicely timed bit of information... Continue Reading →

Kingdom of the Wicked – Titan Comics

Titan Comics brings you Kingdom Of The Wicked...Check out the preview artwork below!Horror/fantasy graphic novel series, KINGDOM OF THE WICKED by Ian Edginton & D'Israeli.KINGDOM OF THE WICKED see​s​ t​he 21st Century’s greatest living children’s author sucked back into the world of his childhood daydreams – only to find it transformed into a landscape of horror,... Continue Reading →

Comic Book News – World War X

Titan Comics warns us to prepare for extinction, and gives us a sneak preview of World War X...WORLD WAR X VOL. 1 (of 3)WRITER: Jerry Frissen ARTIST: Peter Snejbjerg FORMAT: 56pp – HC – FC - 8” x 11.1”PUBLISHER: Titan ComicsILLUSTRATED BY ABE SAPIEN ARTIST PETER SNEJBJERG!STRANGE MONSTERS AWAKENED FROM UNDERGROUND! HUMANITY PREPARES
 FOR EXTINCTION!The... Continue Reading →

Comic Book News – Norman

Titan Comics bring news of a new comic book coming out in March and some posters for younger horror fans (OK maybe not)...Writer: Stan SilasArtist: Stan SilasPublisher: Titan Comics“I AM EIGHT YEARS OLD AND I KILL PEOPLE.” A is for arterial spray! B is for blood-soaked! C is for corpses!Eight years old. Blonde-haired elementary school psychopath. Looks so... Continue Reading →

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