Comic Review: The Rage Vol 2: Kill or Cure

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@TigersMS78 checks out volume 2 of the child zombie comic The Rage Vol 2: Kill or Cure…

The Rage Vol 2: Kill or Cure follows on (unsprisingly) from The Rage Vol 1: Zombie Generation (review here).

artwork from The Rage Vol 2Vol 2, gives the reader some more insight into the motivations behind some of the characters whilst dropping a nicely timed bit of information which of course, creates more questions than it does answers but that, in my opinion, is good thing and it keeps the suspense/conspriacy theory part of the story bubbling along.

Kill or Cure introduces the notion that not everything is as it seems. After Vol 1 lets us know whom the main players were, this volume makes the story more intimate with Amina Riviere meeting her estranged husband who was with the milita but stopped after seeing his wife helping out with the government. When Amina finds a non-infected child living among the infected, she takes her in and also finds her infected son. The story then ups the ante with the knowledge that a lab exists and of course our newly reunited family and possible non-infected girl being the cure, end up at the lab where we find out just what is happening to the captured children and why.The violence in Kill or Cure is upped as well. There are a few glourious panels of wholesale mayhem with headshots, flesh ripped from throats and aterial sprays all shown in a full blown free for all at the climax of the book.

artwork from The Rage Vol 2The writing is much the same as the first volume, very pulpy but absolutely perfect for this kind of story. Of course this does make the story very accessible and you can immediately get into the flow. The artwork is once again pretty good, especially the previously mentioned mayhem. Volume 2’s ending however left a lot to be desired, the conclusion seemed to be convienently wrapped up within a page which seemed at odds with the rest of the book.

The Rage Vol 1 & 2 are decent books which could have potentially reached a bit further than they did. Having said they are certainly entertaining and if you like your books with a harder edge then this could be for you. 

Hitting stores on Wednesday January 7, 2015 is The Rage Vol. 2: Kill Or Cure – ​the final​ instalment of the hit zombie/thriller by Pierre Boisserie and Malo Kerfriden.

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