UK TV Schedule 19-25 October 2013

Channel Time Reason for watching
Sat 19
Hostel: Part II 5* 10pm Torture, death, horribleness, the usual
Piranha 3DD Sky 3D 10pm You’ve wasted your cash on a 3D TV, what else you gonna do? 
Total Recall (2012) Sci-Fi/Horr 11.25pm It’s got Colin Farrell in it
Cassadaga Showcase 2.30am Serial killer turning people into marionettes. Fun times.
The Devil’s Advocate Sci-Fi/Horr 3.05am Keanu Reeves acts a little bit
Sun 20
The Masque of the Red Death Horror 4pm Edgar Allan Poe. Plus Vincent Price – Nuff said.
Prometheus  Greats 8pm Watch it if you want to see Ridley Scott fucking over Alien. 
The Omen (1976) Greats 10.05pm Actually worthy of the channel name. (p.s. kids are evil)
The Omen (2006) Film4 11.15pm Not on Sky Greats for a reason. But has some fun deaths.
The Birds Greats Midnight Shortly to be fucked over by Hollywood I would imagine
The Innkeepers Sci-Fi/Horr 1.10am If you like slow burn haunted shit
Final Destination 5 Sci-Fi/Horr 2.55am The exact opposite of the film above
Mon 21
The Lost Boys Greats 6.15pm Death. By. Stereo – love it
Se7en Crime/Thrill 9pm Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box. Reason enough to watch 
Sharknado Movies 24 9pm Erm, yeah. Sharks. Awful movie. AWFUL
Frankenweenie Disney 9.45pm Tim Burton does Frankenstein, with dogs. 
True Blood (TV) Fox 10pm Season 6, episode 10 ‘At Last’. Vampires and stuff 
Chainsaw Massacre Sci-Fi/Horr 10.20pm Average remake of classic film. With Jessica Biel’s boobs.
The Shining ITV4 11pm Redrum, Redrum, Redrum etc 
Lovely Molly Showcase 11.55pm Temp ed cannot recommend as she got bored halfway through
The Descent Sci-Fi/Horr 12.10am One of the temp ed’s top 5 horror films of all time. Love it.
World War Z Sky 3D 1am Zombies and Brad Pitt fuck shit up. In 3D.
Tues 22
Secret Window Sony Movies 7pm Johnny Depp in a Stephen King adaptation. Still sucks.
Wolf Sci-Fi/Horr 8pm Jack Nicholson is hairier than usual.
Alien Resurrection Sony Movies 9pm Joss Whedon hates it. And he WROTE it.
Paranormal Activity 4 Sci-Fi/Horr 10.10pm Things are still going bump. A lot. On video.
Event Horizon Sci-Fi/Horr 11.45pm Lots of people die horribly in space.
Shutter Film4 12.45am Ghosts turn up in pictures, may well be fucking atrocious
Weds 23
Resident Evil: Retribution Sci-Fi/Horr 8pm This inexplicably had three stars in the magazine. Three!!
Sleepy Hollow (TV) Universal 9pm Episode 3 of the new series. Reviewed on Cult Den
Dawn of the Dead (04) Sci-Fi/Horr 12.05am Brains. BRAINS. BRAAAIIINNNNS. 
Reeker Sci-Fi/Horr 1.45am Smelly ghost offs people. 
Thurs 24
Jaws Sci-Fi/Horr 8pm You should not need a reason to watch this. It’s brilliant.
Bates Motel (TV) Universal 9pm Baby Norman Bates fancies his mum. With Lynch overtones.
Stir of Echoes More>Movies 9pm Kevin bringing home the Bacon. Genuinely creepy 
Silent Hill Sci-Fi/Horr 10.10pm Video game turned into film. Because we know how well that always works
Alien Resurrection Sony Movies 10.55pm In case you missed this shitfest earlier in the week
Fri 25
The Prophecy Sony Movies 9pm Christopher Walken versus Satan played by Aragorn. No shit.
The Omen (1976) Sci-Fi/Horr 9.30pm Kids are still evil
The Walking Dead (TV) Fox 10pm Series 4, Episode 2. Yup, still zombies. 
The Hills Have Eyes (06) Sony Movies 10.55pm Unpleasant mutants kill people horribly. 
The Final Destination Film4 11.10pm Sadly incorrect title. They’re still making them.
Hannibal ITV2 11.10pm Anthony Hopkins fucks over Silence of the Lambs 
Halloween H20 BBC1 11.50pm Awful. Just Awful.

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