Fatal Pictures presents Familiar

FATAL PICTURES’ presents “FAMILIAR” (2012)…

FATAL PICTURES is proud to announce “FAMILIAR”, a new Horror short starring Robert Nolan, Astrida Auza & Cathryn Hostick as the seemingly idyllic yet ultimately doomed Dodd

The first half of the film explores the inner thoughts of a man who for reasons known and unknown despises his family. We hear his inner thoughts as they drive him to carry out despicable and selfish deeds. This continues until the voice/inner thoughts go too far and suggests deeds beyond the scope of the man’s unexplainably separate and resistant moral consciousness. He becomes aware that this “voice” or “inner thought” isn’t him and he defies it. By defying the voice he dislodges it and soon a physical manifestation of that voice appears as a lumpy, cancerous mass beneath his skin.

The second half of the film depicts the man becoming aware of a large pulsing mass beneath his skin, a mass which appears shortly after he defies the sinister “inner voice”. The mass moves about his body from his neck down through his torso, into his legs and back. When he touches it he hears the “voice” which has controlled him his entire life, the voice he thought to be his own mind and thought process. It tries to barter, to regain control of his mind, to stay connected. With the pulsing mass beneath his skin vying to reassert its influence the man devises a solution as horrific as it is simple.

Written/Directed by Richard Powell, Produced by Zach Green


Cinematography & Co Producer Michael Jari Davidson shot on

RED Digital Cinema. Special FX provided by Ryan Louagie,

Carlos Henriques & Steven Dawley (The Butcher Shop). Music & Sound Design by Bernie Greenspoon.

IMDb title page:



FATAL PICTURES presents FAMILIAR (2011) The Teaser from Zach Green on Vimeo.

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