Take a look at the White Raven trailer

White Raven...Check out the trailer for the indie film White Raven. Releases on iTunes/V.O.D. May 23rd 2017.The film stars Steve Bradley, Aaron Brooks, Cindy Busby. Andrew Moxham directs.SynopsisA dramatic thriller set deep in the woods of the pacific northwest. Four men embark on an annual guys camping trip. When one of them begins to unravel, the... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The House On Pine Street

@TigersMS78 reviews...Director: Aaron Keeling, Austin KeelingWriters: Aaron Keeling, Austin Keeling, Natalie JonesStars: Emily Goss, Taylor Bottles, Cathy Barnett, Jim KorinkeReviewIn the current paranormal film climate, audiences expect to be (jump) scared early and often with scant regard for building a story, in fact it is embarrassing that I have to say that The House On Pine... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: The Scopia Effect

@ventspleen2014 reviews...For his debut full length feature, Christopher Butler has taken a massive risk and totally disconnected with his audience. Is this the worst Independent Film I have ever seen or a work of cinematic genius?... One of the things I love so much about Independent Film is that it never feels like a safe or... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Curse of The Witching Tree

David Martin reviews the new British Indie film by Horror Maestro James Crow, havent heard of him yet? After this one you will do! And it's released on Monday..Bored of Hollywood, bored so fucking bored of the remakes, sorry reboots and of the tedious trawling through horrors back catalogue trying to make more money out... Continue Reading →

Movie Review: Coyote

@TigersMS78 reviews arthouse horror film Coyote...Having no prior knowledge of Coyote before watching it, I have to say that I was very surprised, clearly an indie with a budget to match but the film puts you off kilter almost immediately and never lets you balance up throwing in some nightmarish visuals and some quiet shocks along the... Continue Reading →

Film Review – Antisocial

R J Bayley reviews the Canadian indie film, Antisocial - the horror movie for the social networking generation ...They say there's a fine line between horror and comedy. They also say there's a fine line between tragedy and comedy. Anyway you look at it, there is a line touching comedy, and Antisocial is a film... Continue Reading →

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