Short Film Review – Familiar

I love independent films. I especially love short films from Indie film makers. I find it interesting to see what can be produced in such a small amount of time. So when Zach from Fatal Pictures emailed to see if I’d be interested in helping the Kickstarter campaign for his next film HEIR, I decided to dig a little deeper and see what else Fatal had produced since I wasn’t familiar (see what I did there?) with them.

Familiar is a 24 minute film that tears up any rule book on making a horror film. Dodd is a middle-aged man that hates his life. He wants to escape his wife, pregnant, is unimpressed with just about everything life has to offer. He has a lump growing and hears voices from it. Is this a nervous breakdown being had by a very depressed man? Or is it something more sinister?

That’s about as much recap as I can do without spoiling the film for everyone but I can tell you a few things. Writer/Director Richard Powell has produced a supreme script and managed to pull off in 23 minutes what it would take Cronenberg a full 2 hours to achieve. The narration over the beginning of the film is not all it seems and the final part of the film takes everything you believed was happening and turns it upside down, settling you for gore like nothing seen before, certainly not in a small budget film with a running time less than most TV shows.

Robert Nolan who plays Dodd is excellent casting. For a middle-aged man like me, I can relate to all his thoughts, just not on such a sadistic level, and he makes the excellent Direction from Powell excel with the performance.

The film is here at the bottom. Watch It! Then go to the Kickstarter link HERE and invest in Heir. Fatal Pictures need to be producing more films… and sharpish!

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