Arrow Video FrightFest Announces 2021 Short Film Programme

Arrow Video FrightFest 2021 has traditionally showcased the best in genre short film from the UK and around the world since 2004, and this year is, despite the additional challenges faced, no exception, with ten countries representing three continents. From creeping terrors to outrageous scares, from spooky laughs to genuine fear, this year’s selection, which includes nine world premieres, unleashes the latest from upcoming and established filmmakers.

Review: Tingle Monsters (Short Film)

Tingle Monsters...Director: Alexandra SerioWriter: Alexandra SerioStars: Alexandra Serio, Kareem RahmaReviewIn Tingle Monsters Alexandra Serio (Writer, Director and Star) takes aim at how female are viewed on the internet and that words and their intent are a jumping off point for violence or at the very least the possibility of violence toward women and Serio succeeds... Continue Reading →

Review: Hang Up!

Hang Up!...Director: Richard PowellWriter: Richard PowellStars: Astrida Auza, Robert Nolan, Jane PokouReviewHang Up! is the latest short film from Fatal Pictures, written and directed by Richard Powell.When Gary (Nolan) answers a call from his wife Emelia (Auza), he finds out that it is just a harmless butt dial and he is about to hang up... Continue Reading →

Review: Hors D’oeuvre [-SHORT FILM-]

Hors D'oeuvre...Director: Aleksandra SvetlichnayaWriter: Aleksandra SvetlichnayaStars: Aleksandra Svetlichnaya, Mariela Castillo, Sarah Megan MaltzReviewAleksandra Svetlichnaya created the Dinnerverse 4 years ago, kicked off by the incredible Dinner (2015), followed by Breakfast (2016) and Midnight Snack (2018). Her Buffy influences were on full display through those 3 films, all of them featuring monsters, face kicking and a... Continue Reading →

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