Film News – The Laughing Mask gets a Teaser Trailer

Michael Aguiar’s The Laughing Mask gets it’s first teaser trailer less than a month after filming wrapped in Florida on 16th February. 

The indie film stars Ryan Rafferty, Inge Uys, Gabriel Lee, Sheyenne Rivers, Thomas Noel Smith and Matt Ganey and was filmed in under 28 days, not that you can tell from this great trailer.  Hopefully there won’t be long to wait for a release date.

Here’s the synopsis.

“The Laughing Mask begins with Jake Johnson. After the brutal death of his wife, Jaycee, and the disappearance of his daughter, Barbara, Jake will do whatever is necessary to capture the man the media has dubbed: “The Laughing Mask.” As the corpses begin to pile up, Jake has to find help in the detective skills of Kate O’Malley. Together, they will play a deadly cat and mouse game with a killer, in order to find Jake’s daughter and avenge the death of his wife. But, The Laughing Mask knows of Jake’s desires for revenge and he has plans of his own”


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