Film News – Amityville appoints director and casts stars

The latest Amityville Horror remake/sequel/whatever-it-is-now has appointed the director of Maniac Franck Khalfoun to take the reins…
The long awaited film is also set to star Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bella Thorne.  The screenplay is by Daniel Farrands (Halloween – the Curse of Michael Myers) and Casey La Scala (exec producer on Donnie Darko) and it will be produced by Jason Blum under his Blumhouse label.

The official synopsis of the new film is “An ambitious TV news intern leads a team of journalists, clergymen and paranormal researchers into an investigation of the most famous haunted house case in the world.” 

An earlier premise of using found footage (hence the byline “The Lost Tapes”) has now been dropped and the film title is now just Amityville.  It is due to be released in January 2015, although we expect this to be pushed back … again.

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