Film news – New short films from Davide Melini

We’re big fans of indie film-making here at Haddonfield Horror so were pleased to get new information from Italian film maker Davide Melini…

 While we await more news of his newly announced next project “Deep Shock” and the crowdfunding surrounding it, he wanted to share a couple of his other short films with us…
The first one is entitled “The Puzzle”.  Although it’s just 5 minutes long and was filmed in one day with a budget of 300 Euros, it’s been selected in many international film festivals around the world.
“A woman refuses to give money to her son, despite of his continuous pressure. One night she decides to relax and forget her troubles with her favorite pastime: making puzzles. However, this simple table game hides strange features that can turn her peaceful night into a nightmare.”

Watch the trailer here

The second is “The sweet hand of the White Rose”.

“How many times have you had a bad day? How many times have you thought you would run away from everyone and everything? That is exactly what happens to Mark. In order to forget about a heated discussion with his girlfriend, he decides to get in the car and go far away. But a little mistake will change his reality forever…  “

Here’s that trailer

We’ll have reviews of both very soon.

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