Film Review – Antichrist

 Anti-christ poster

Antichrist is a must watch according to Wolfpaw…

Director — Lars von Trier
Main characters
Father …. William Gibson
Mother …. Charlotte Gainsbourg
Stunt doubles for “certain Adult Scenes”, Horst Stramka and Mandy Starship (both professional porn stars)

Generally at some time in our adult life due to some surgical intervention or an inherited social disease, we hear those dreaded words…. “You will have to abstain from sex for a while” …words of fear and horror to most.

Well there is a solution.

Watch Antichrist.

A film to make your man bits retract into your body for weeks and for ladies it will have the same effect as surgical implantation of industrial strength Velcro to your inner thighs.

There is no other film that will achieve this but despite that it is a film you need to watch, one you have to watch, indeed must watch.

Lars von Tier is quoted as saying he chose to make a horror film because:

“The genre [is such] that you can put a lot of very, very strange images in a horror film”.

Well Done Lars… you certainly did that.

Warning —- Do not watch on a full stomach

The film is split into Prologue, four chapters and an Epilogue

The Prologue sets the tone of the film as a young boy plunges to his death to the music of Handel (Lascia ch’io pianga) while his parents make love, it is a stunningly horrific start.

The main bulk of the film deals with the grief of the couple and how they come to terms with the fact that their selfish lust caused the death of their child. They retreat to a lonely cabin in an attempt to overcome their guilt, felt perhaps more by the mother than the father.

The scenes that follow are extraordinary in the extreme, featuring violent sex, castration, masturbation (male and female), torture, torment, sadism, imprisonment, self harm and murder all of which are dealt with in the most graphic detail – no last second cut-away here, nope you see it ALL, every last detail.

Oh you will reach for the puke bucket more than once, but you will still watch it to the end I guarantee it.

Talking Fox

To go into detail would spoil the shock and horrific nature of the film, the descent into madness and sadism of the mother and the disassociated manner of the father constantly having peculiar visions (a talking fox disembowelling itself is one of them)

Despite the graphic content the film is well made and filmed beautifully with the two leads totally convincing in their roles (Gainsbourg winning Best Actress at Cannes in 2009)

Please watch it once — you know you want to!


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