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Recently on Film4 in the UK, Hush is reviewed by Wolfpaw…

Mention the term British Horror film and most people will assume you mean Hammer Horror but in recent years the British horror film has evolved from the “tits and teeth” type of carry on to a more sophisticated, darker, cleverer type of film.

Mark Tonderai breaks his directorial virginity with Hush and proves he is more than able to make you spill your popcorn.

Travelling on a motorway young Mr. Dull (William Ash as Zakes Abbot) and Miss Whiney Bitch (Christine Bottomley as Beth) are following a large truck, suddenly the shutter on the truck rolls up momentarily to show a naked woman in a cage. Shocked at the sight Zakes phones the Police but cannot read number plate, so Beth insists he tries harder. Several attempts later Zakes gives up as he explains to Beth that he has a job to do (putting up posters in Motorway services) and has to pull into next services to finish his round for the night. While at the services Zakes realises Beth is missing and on seeing the truck from the opening incident presumes she has been kidnapped. So it begins….a cat and mouse game of kiss chase as Zakes follows the truck.

What makes the film is the excellent framing and great cinematography which gives you that edge of your seat feeling throughout the rest of the film. There is not a huge amount of violence in the film but when it does appear it is unexpected and relevant. The final scenes are particularly well filmed and thought out bringing your panic levels to boiling point before making you cheer with pleasure.
Similar in many ways to The Hitcher or Duel, Hush exceeds expectations in all aspects and proves beyond doubt that there are good British horror films and that there is life after Hammer.

Oh and don’t miss the wonderful Sheila Reid (looking much better without the spray tan) or the sneaky “will there be a sequel” bit after the initial tranche of credits at the end.


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