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die farbe

Fancy a free film for the long weekend…

If you’re a Lovecraft fan, then you know that film adaptations of his weird and twisted worlds are…um… varied. Then along came some German independent film makers with Die Farbe, an adaptation of the wonderfully creepy The Color Out of Space, and it was so good that it was quoted as being “the best Lovecraftian film ever made.” Except that, unless you ordered it from one of a very few places, the odds of you actually seeing it were minimal. Until now, because Die Farbe has been released FREE on YouTube and will be up there until May 5th.

They have done this to help promote the filmmakers’ latest project, Dreamlands – another Lovecraft adaptation. The team’s looking for €140,000 and is already a quarter of the way there, with over a month’s IndieGoGo crowdfunding to go. There are teaser trailers and lots more information on the project on their funding page.

So watch Die Farbe, then go fund the new one.

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