TV Review – Bates Motel Season 2, Episode 6


The continuing journey into insanity from our Editor, Steve Taylor-Bryant. He also finds time to take ‘The Plunge’ in Bates Motel…

I have tried my very best to quell any expectations this season. We know the end product, what Norman becomes and, whilst part of me wants to see that happen immediately, I am full of admiration for the patience and control shown by the writers thus far. If they have achieved anything it is the incredible depth they have given characters and the relationships they have built, outside of Norma and Norman, that has allowed for a superb drama to unfold and some exciting story arcs to develop.

This week saw Norman’s blackouts, sometimes through repressed memories, sometimes victimisation, come to the forefront as his relationship with Cody develops. Through a mutual worrying about Norman’s mental health Cody and Emma make sure Norma finds out and she prevents Norman getting his driving licence, something he was desperate to gain to help his independence. This leads to a confrontation with his Mother and Norman storms off to face Cody. Cody’s father comes out of his room and punches Norman and attacks his daughter before Norman lets him fall down the stairs.

Elsewhere, we see Norma using her connections with Christine and Nick Ford to gain a seat on the town council whilst still worrying about Norman and acting maybe slightly too overprotective. Dylan has got himself involved with Jodi, technically his drug boss, and is instructed to watch Zane and pretty much run the operation.

Whilst, story wise, not much changed this week, Freddie Highmore continued to steal the screen from Vera Farmiga as the balance of power looks to change in the Bates family.


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