Worst. Parents. Ever.

We all have issues with our parental units from time to time; sometimes you can’t believe that you were produced by them…however the following sets of parents (I hope) make yours pale into insignificance.
Margaret White (Carrie)
Ok, so you’re a single mother. I applaud that and it definitely isn’t easy raising a daughter with telekinetic abilities. So you’re also a devout church goer…and a total mental case…Margaret White gets the distinction of telling her daughter that her period happened because of wanton thoughts but not only that but she also helped coin the term ‘Dirty Pillows’.
Krug Stillo (The Last House on the Left)
Krug, here is father of the year material right here. What better to
bond with your son than a road trip? Eschewing the boring bonding moments like playing football in the park or having a meal together, Krug (and his gang) introduce his son to kidnapping, rape and murder all the while Krug’s son Junior is taking this all in. The best advice he ever gave his son? ‘Blow your brains out!’ – which Junior does.
Chris & Belle Cleek (The Woman)
Family Ties this ain’t, Family ties up feral woman – this is. Chris
Cleek is just kind of like Krug (see above) with a façade of everyday nice about him, which makes him more dangerous. When he captures and tries to civilize a feral woman, his abusive, torturing, horrible true self is revealed. Worst advice? “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…” he says, as he leaves his son alone with the chained up woman.
The Elm St Parents (A Nightmare on Elm Street)
There are just so many secrets that the entire Elm St crew keep hidden from their kids. Normally this wouldn’t be problem but you know that pesky paedophile murderer you killed a while back? Well he is kinda back and killing off your kids in their
dreams, so you know what? We won’t actually let our kids (who are in clear danger) know anything about the guy we killed till after a few of the Elm Street kids have bit the dust. It’s an epidemic of terrible parenting.
Have we forgotten any terrible parents? Let us know via the comments or our twitter page!

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