7 Most Anticipated Horror Films for 2017

2017...As always there are certain films that you look forward to at the start of each and every year. Of course there are the films that come out of nowhere and surprise you but the most anticipated films carry the heaviest burden. I've put together my 7 most anticipated horror films of 2017, so with... Continue Reading →

The 3 best Found Footage films

Found Footage...With Blair Witch hitting the screens very soon, I take a look back at the best found footage films made post The Blair Witch Project. This isn't to exclude some amazing films but BWP was the film that, for better or worse made found footage a viable option for those short on cash but big on ambition. So... Continue Reading →

5 Must See K-Horror Films

@RenZelen gives us her must see K-Horror Films...@RenZelen continues her look at Korean Horror with this 5 Must See list.Yeogo Goedam/ Whispering Corridors (1998)Directed by Ki-hyung Park‘Whispering Corridors’ should be placed in the genre of films encompassing the horrors of school, along with ‘Suspiria’ and ‘Carrie’ (1976). School corridors are rife with rear and loathing,... Continue Reading →

7 Must See J-Horror Films

@RenZelen lists her must see J Horror...Continuing on from her Dark Cinema: Horror from Japan and Korea article, @RenZelen lists her must sees from Japan...Ringu (1998)Directed by Hideo Nakata‘Ringu’ is based on a novel by Koji Suzuki, who is known as the ‘Japanese Stephen King’ and for any western viewer is the starting point for any... Continue Reading →

Six of the best Tales From The Crypt Episodes

@lcfremont lists her favorite six...June 10,1989 ushered in what could very well pinpoint my love of horror television. On this date, a new show premiered and it was so much more than The Addams Family, The Munsters or even Alfred Hitchcock Presents, which are all important facets of my personal horror history, but this was... Continue Reading →

Top 4 Australian Horror Films

Aussie horror...You may or may not know that January 26th is Australia Day, contrary to popular belief we are not all barbecue loving, alcoholic, beach lovers, sometimes we can also make a great horror films and to celebrate the day below are a selection of my four favourites. If I missed your favourite let me in the... Continue Reading →

My 4 favourite hillbilly horror films

Top 4 list... Ah the hillbilly, the redneck, the backwoods mutants, the bigoted townsfolk - they all have a special place in the horror world. On this 43rd anniversary of Deliverance what better time is there to bust out this list. There will be literally hundreds of films that didn't make the cut but when you're making a top 4... Continue Reading →

Let’s dance (in your blood)…

@TigersMS78 doesn't dance and after watching this can you blame him?...Dance is often under used to express horror and shock (normally the horror is in watching drunk uncle Wally at a wedding reception trying his best to emulate Justin Timberlake - horrific enough I know)  or alternatively it can be used to creep us the hell out. Here we... Continue Reading →

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