TV Review – Hannibal Season 2 Episode 3 ‘Hassun’

Hannibal Poster

Zoe Butcher makes a meal out of the NBC show’s third course ‘Hassun’.

As Will’s trial gets underway his friends (and Dr Lecter) rally round to defend him. Meanwhile Will’s lawyer gets something ‘eerie’ in the post.

Another corker of an episode this week as the Will/Hannibal cat and mouse game continues with Will maintaining his pretence that he considers Hannibal innocent. Hannibal isn’t convinced by Will’s act, but he’s willing to play along for the time being, just for the serial killer version of shits and giggles presumably.

While ultimately Hannibal fans know where the plot is going -SPOILER KLAXON Hannibal ends up in the blue suit of the criminally insane and Will gets fed up and naffs off to Florida with some woman or other, the writers are certainly having fun playing with our expectations which is partly what makes this series so damn good.

Man in court
Don’t sound like a crazy person, don’t sound like a crazy person – HANNIBAL DID IT, HE’S A MOOSE MAN!!
Ahhh crap.

Luckily for Will (if you consider getting a severed ear in the post lucky that is) someone’s on a mission to get him off all charges. And no, it’s not Hannibal. One of Baltimore’s many other psychos decides to recreate Will Graham’s greatest hits on an unfortunate Bailiff and Will’s lawyer tries to use this to prove that the actual killer is still out there (he not actually, he’s in the court room having a whale of a time watching everyone go on about how supremely intelligent he is).

Talk over a table
That’s a great suggestion Dr Lecter, but I don’t really think my admirer is Vincent Van Gogh

Sadly for Will, even with Hannibal stepping up to testify (bless him) the judge decides that there’s not enough similarities in the crimes to justify dropping the charges, thus putting himself firmly on Hannibal’s shit list, and that’s never a good place to be.

Judge in chains
Um, hung jury anyone?

With the Judge uhhh unable to continue a mistrial is declared and Will has a temporary reprieve. Not so for Crawford who is still under investigation for his role in Will Graham’s supposed meltdown and for pissing the FBI off by testifying in Will Graham’s defence. Never mind Jack, we’ve read the books and we have a feeling you’ll be OK.


Brilliant TV – The law is an ass (and a heart, and a brain apparently)

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