Kevin Smith’s Xmas Horror

Well there were those of us that loved Red State and those that hated it so very much and with Tusk still to come Kevin Smith is back with yet another horror film…

Kevin Smith’s upcoming yuletide horror movie Anti-Claus has pre-sold to a raft of foreign territories around the globe for XYZ Films, which launched the project at the recent Cannes Film Market.

Anti-Claus reunites the filmmaker with many of his Tusk stars, including Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment, Genesis Rodriguez and Michael Parks.

The film has been snapped up by Premium Films in Russia, Rialto/Vendetta in Australia and New Zealand, Pictureworks in India, Queen in Indonesia, Movies Inspired in Italy, Maison Motion in Taiwan, NonStop Entertainment in Scandinavia and Falcon in the Middle East. XYZ is expected to announce additional deals in the coming days. The film is expected to start shooting in September.

Smith dropped hints about the film – initially titled Comes the Krampus – earlier this year, saying he would shoot it before Clerks III. .

Anti-Claus tells the tale of the centuries-old, devil-like creature known the world over as the Krampus – the “Anti-Claus” of Alpine country folklore, infamous for eating naughty children during the season of giving.

Source: THR
Image: Wikipedia

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