Comic Book Men will Burn In Hell

Comic Book Men actors star in indie horror-comedy Burn In Hell.  17-year-old director Joshua Bruce nearing end of production Blood Flood Productions is proud to announce its inaugural feature, Burn In Hell. The independent horror-comedy features AMC’s “Comic Book Men” stars Ming Chen, Michael Zapcic and Robert Bruce. Burn In Hell Marks the debut of... Continue Reading →

Kevin Smith’s Xmas Horror

 Well there were those of us that loved Red State and those that hated it so very much and with Tusk still to come Kevin Smith is back with yet another horror film...Kevin Smith's upcoming yuletide horror movie Anti-Claus has pre-sold to a raft of foreign territories around the globe for XYZ Films, which launched the project... Continue Reading →

Bobcat Goldthwait finds bigfoot

The bigfoot legend gets a found footage twist in the new horror movie Willow Creek. Directed by comedian-turned-filmmaker Bobcat Goldthwait — who has described it as “The Blair-Squatch Project” – the movie stars Bryce Johnson (Pretty Little Liars) as a bigfoot believer who heads deep into California’s Six Rivers National Forest on a quest to record... Continue Reading →

Locke writer gives us World War Z sequel

Steven Knight has closed a deal to pen the sequel, to be directed by Juan Antonio Bayona. Steven Knight, the screenwriter whose credits range from Eastern Promises to the current Tom Hardy drama Locke, has closed a deal to pen the sequel to World War Z for Paramount and Skydance.The project already has a director... Continue Reading →

Found Footage 3D starts finding footage

On May 27 in Austin, TX the cameras began rolling last weekend on Found Footage 3D, the world's first found footage horror film to be shot entirely in 3D.Directed by Steven DeGennaro and produced by Texas Chainsaw Massacre co-creator Kim Henkel, filming began Sunday in Austin, TX, and continues in Gonzales, TX, over the next... Continue Reading →

Soska Sisters to direct Vendetta

With their Kane-starring sequel SEE NO EVIL 2 waiting in the wings, AMERICAN MARY’s Jen and Sylvia Soska have signed to do their follow-up feature for the same producing team.WWE Studios and Lionsgate announced today that the Soska Sisters will direct VENDETTA as part of an “Action Six-Pack” series of features designed to showcase up-and-coming... Continue Reading →

David Goyer goes into The Forest

Focus Features has picked up the North American distribution rights to The Forest, a supernatural thriller based on an original idea by David S. Goyer (he of the infamous She-Hulk porn star comment), who is also producing. The project comes with Jason Zada attached to direct and a script by Sarah Cornwell. David Linde's Lava... Continue Reading →

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