Movie Review: Before Dawn


@lcfremont loves the fast zombies and Before Dawn

I know, I know, we have been inundated with zombie films recently. Enough already! Before you shut the door on another zombie film, you would be doing yourself a favor by watching Before Dawn.

From husband and wife duo Dominic Brunt and Joanne Mitchell; comes the story of an idyllic weekend in the country gone horribly awry. Alex and Meg are a married couple who are clearly at a difficult point in their relationship. Hoping to begin to smooth things over, Alex convinces Meg to spend the weekend with him in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Unfortunately, they are completely unaware that there is an apocalyptic viral outbreak happening.

Meg goes out for a morning run only to encounter an infected individual and he is a fast runner! Now, this is where I must defend my highly controversial opinion that fast moving zombies are scarier than the slow moving breed. All zombies are scary, but having to, literally, run for your life just seems so much more stressful than jogging at a comfortable pace. As Meg begins to realize that this guy is not well and he is coming after her, you hear Alex’s teakettle begin to whistle; there are many moments of inspired audio effects in this movie and that helps set it apart.

The synth score is spot on and it really lends to setting the proper tone; one moment melancholy and then explosive the next, it is perfection.

All of the actors portraying zombies in this film really committed. These are some seriously physical performances and they are fantastic. Thankfully, the visual effects are just as awesome. This is a classic zombie movie in the sense that it keeps everything simple and it’s the simplicity that makes Before Dawn exceptional.

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