Haddonfield Horror’s Best Of 2020

Whilst the best of 2020 seems like a really low bar and despite the complete and utter real life garbage that this year has continually given us, there were still bright spots in the horror genre and in truth it has been one of the better overall years for quality and consistency.

Film Review: Ravage (2020)

At a glance, Ravage could easily be mistaken for yet another rape/revenge film: there is a woman alone in the backwoods of the south and a group of violent rednecks who have decided that they live by their own law and while stereotypes abound, our Final Girl is refreshingly believable...

Film Review: Relic (2020)

Relic employs a slow, steady pace that allows this black, intangible entity to creep through the house and create suspicion, confusion and fear before trying to consume the family entirely.

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