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Writers David Long and Joe Stauffer spent four years of their lives bringing Pieces of Talent to the screen and it shows. From the very first frame, it is obvious that a lot of love was put into this film; the look, the feel, the score, the practical effects are all spot on.
Directed by Joe Stauffer and starring David Long as, well, David Long, Pieces of Talent is a new and interesting twist on one man’s obsession and the lengths that he is willing to go to complete his art. David Long is the most likable homicidal maniac since Dr. Lecter. His overall benign appearance and demeanor are further punctuated by his undeniably infectious smile and exuberant personality. Seriously, I would totally go out drinking with David Long. Well, as long as he knew to keep things friendly and not homicidal.
David crosses paths with Charlotte, an aspiring actress currently sucking it up as a waitress at a tittie bar. Manhandled by the clientele and living with her decidedly unfriendly mother, she is easily charmed by David after rescuing him from a beating. The two become fast friends and Charlotte is doubly excited about her chance meeting with a man who works in film. Too bad David isn’t really in films; he is working on his own art project that involves luring people to his secluded property where he mentally torments them before killing them on camera.
Watching David play back the footage from his day of work is a wonderfully conflicting moment. That smile of his is the smile of children at Disneyland and it is a human reaction to smile back at that level of happiness. David gets you to smile at him while he enjoys watching his own personal snuff film.
With different segments, if you will, we are watching David’s art as he creates it. He chooses his victims based on specific character traits that can be compared to those of leeches, foxes, etc. Watching the murders is, again, strangely emotionally conflicting. The absolute giddiness from David oozes off of the screen while you are assaulted with some truly wonderful practical effects driven gore.
His ultimate piece of art is a wonderful mixture of pain and beauty and the final decision of our final girl is a nice, calmly executed decision and that is a breath of fresh air. Pieces of Talent is an exceptionally well made horror film with on point dark humor that few actors could pull off without just looking silly and turning the whole thing into a bad joke. Additionally, this is one of the very few times that I didn’t cringe at the words “to be continued” popping up on the screen.
Purchasing the DVD is well worth your money because there are tons of really great extras. Not those lame extras that you get irritated with and have no value whatsoever, but super awesome content. There is a “buzzed commentary” with the filmmakers, behind the scenes footage, extended and unreleased scenes, the David Long Song music video, the original short film, “The David Long Story” and my personal favorite, vlogs from David. This entire package was crafted with lots of hard work, love and a great sense of humor, all the way down to the snarky comments they have printed on the DVD’s. Seriously, go buy this movie. Now.

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