Slashermania gets a kickstart(er)

Welcome to Slashermania…

Check out the first preview panel and the bottom of the page, you can get yourself all 7 preview pages, read on to find out.

Slashermania is an original graphic novel, an epic tribute to the best (and worst) slasher movies of the eighties. Written by Russell Hillman, with art by Ron Joseph, Jake Isenberg and Harry Saxon, and letters by Sergio Calvet.

1983. Troubled teens from New York and Los Angeles are taken to a summer camp facility to be trained as counsellors and mix safely with other people their own age. Little do they know they are being watched by an audience hungry for sex & violence. They are the designated victims for a bizarre contest of murder and mayhem – WELCOME TO SLASHERMANIA!

Masked maniacs from across the USA, Canada, Italy & the UK compete in various categories: Best Male Solo Death! Best Female Solo Death! Coitus Interruptus! Sin Punishment! Most Creative Kill! Biggest Multiple Death! The coveted Slasher of the Year award!

“And the Slashie goes to…”

Get involved! Head to and search for SLASHERMANIA! Or just follow this link:

“But wait”, you say – “I’d like to know a little more about this before I even think about heading over to! What else can you tell me?”

If you want your own copy of this, along with background info on the killers involved and a couple of preview pages, send an email to FreakTownComics@Gmail.Com, with the heading WHO WILL SURVIVE AND WHAT WILL BE LEFT OF THEM? and we’ll send you out our promo pack!

Slashermania – Every time a teenager dies, a slasher gets a prize!

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