Book Review: Santa’s Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper cover art

@TigersMS78 reviews the book Santa’s Little Helper…

Yes Christmas might have been and gone but don’t let that stop you getting goosebumps from Santa’s Little Helper.

Written by H.D Gordon, Santa’s Little Helper tells the story from the perspective of eight people (mostly children), when some white boxes containing Christmas elf toys mysteriously arrive, the children instantly know something is wrong with these elves and all is not what it seems.

It takes a while to get into the flow of chopping and changing between the eight different characters, however eventually it settles in a pattern that becomes easy to negotiate. Gordon’s decision to include many child characters is a pretty brave one, children are difficult to develop in books (such has been the case in other books I have read) but despite some similarities between the kids, they all eventually manage to have their own voice. The adults in the story are a touch under developed leaning a little bit on the stereotypical side of the fence but nothing too jarring to take you out of the story.

With the child characters the book hinges on whether or not Gordon could tap into those childhood fears -you know, the feelings that by now as adults you can suppress when you get the Hebe geebee’s in the dark or a strange sound emanates from somewhere in the house – and glad to say that she totally nails that thought process and those childhood fears and does it so well that more than a few times during the book, I certainly got spooked because I identified with what the kids were thinking and feeling.

The book is well written, if not a touch clunky in places which is not a big issue. There are some extra sentences that don’t really need to be there and the ending of the book was a bit too drawn out for my liking and the impact was lessened because of this.

Overall, Santa’s Little Helper is a creepy but fun read, albeit a read that sends shivers running down your back at times, certainly worth a read at any time of the year.

Santa’s Little Helper is availble on Amazon.


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