Book Review: Dexter Boomstick

@TigersMS78 reviews...There is something to be said for a book that commands you to keep on reading. Sometimes it is writing style, the story or the characters - in the case of Dexter Boomstick it's all three.The book has moments where it channels Stephen King - small town and small town characters in peril -... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Death Rituals

@dinsmorality reviews...Author: Josh HancockReviewTis the season not for bells that jingle or the bounty of carbohydrates and turkeys fighting for our dining room tables' real estate. It is the month of Halloween, and the most casual to the hardest of the hardcore horror fans are planning to celebrate in one of America's favorite and most economically-driven... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Girls of October

@dinsmorality reviews...The Girls of OctoberAuthor: Josh HancockReviewOne of the early concepts students learn in literature courses is the idea of the unreliable narrator, an often main character or omniscient presence who is subjective about the story unfolding on the page. But what if that main character loses agency, and the narrative is fragmented to the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: FIND’M

@theevilbread reviews...FIND'M'is an anthology collection of short stories by Simon Graves focusing on a gay hook up app (we all know which one the influence has been taken from), think of it as a gay Creepshow, you could sell me on that premise alone. The collection runs in at 120 pages and includes twelve short... Continue Reading →

Frightfest & Fab press launch The Frightfest Guide to Exploitation Movies

The Frightfest Guide to Exploitation Movies...Check out the details on a new book released in conjuction with Frightfest.From the Press ReleaseHorror Channel FrightFest, the UK’s biggest horror and fantasy film festival, joins forces with FAB Press, the fiercely independent one-stop-shop for cutting edge genre publications, to launch THE FRIGHTFEST GUIDE TO EXPLOITATION MOVIES during the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Russian Sleep Experiment

@fkmuse reviews...Author: Holly IceReviewI'll be honest, I wasn't sure I should review this, seeing as I am very well versed in the creepypasta. I even watched a Dark Matter segment a while back, but I did. Safe to say I'm drawn to this story, though I am unsure why.The book itself starts out slow, but... Continue Reading →

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