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@lcfremont recaps the latest TWD. Dicussion points – Are you hungry enough to eat earthworms and always saying NO to Dog Meat…

“I don’t know if I’m gonna make it.”

“Then you won’t.”

We were warned, repeatedly, that season five was going to be rough and they were not kidding. Our survivors are barely making it and everyone is at an emotional and mental wits end which doesn’t help with their hunger, dehydration and exhaustion. Unfortunately, this is why I can’t help but think of Lucille Bluth on Arrested Development while Maggie is crying and then licks the tear off of her hand. It’s true. Sometimes you shouldn’t cry because you can’t spare the moisture. Poor thing can’t even grieve in peace. Some annoying walker has to come in and bother her. I’m really enjoying the absolute annoyance and disdain everyone is showing when they’re facing a walker. Killing walkers has become just as annoying as doing the dishes.

In what may very well be the second best episode of this season, all of the actors really brought their A game. Their physical dilapidation and mental exhaustion was palpable. The only person keeping it kind of together is Rick and that is why this is a Ricktatorship. He knows to let Daryl go off on his own, he knows when to keep quiet and when to give a good, rousing speech. He knows that they shouldn’t expend their energy on attacking the encroaching horde of walkers, but rather, just have them all conveniently fall off the side of the road. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough for Sasha because she’s still trying to work out her anger and grief in the very same way Tyreese did. Rather than admonish her for her emotional outburst, he quickly assembles everyone in an effort to finish taking out the rest of the walkers. After being startled by the dogs and their subsequent deaths, he simply does what’s necessary and gets dinner started. Shit, Rick opens the sky up and makes it rain after telling Eugene that they can’t drink that delicious looking water that was mysteriously left for them. What can’t Rick Grimes do?

So, how hungry are you? Are you hungry enough to eat an earthworm? Daryl is. This is just one of the millions of reasons why Daryl is a survivor. He’s not above eating worms, squirrel, pigs feet, snake or man’s best friend. Our fearless Daryl tried so hard to not allow Beth’s death get to him, but Carol set him straight. In a truly heartbreaking moment, she told him that she can’t allow herself to feel, but he’s different and he needs to let himself feel it. Everything about this scene was perfection and it really highlighted the special and unique bond that Carol and Daryl share. She knew he wanted to be alone, but she also knew that he needed to be told that it’s o.k. to feel things the way that he does. In fact, it’s the only way that he is going to come out on the other side of this. Although not in love with the overly symbolic extinguishing of the cigarette on his hand, Reedus really knows how to do a crying scene. There is no vanity in his crying game; he goes straight for the ugly cry and it’s awesome. If Daryl cries, we all cry.

Now, Michonne is having none of Sasha and when she pushed her to the ground and said, “I told you to stop!”, that was so very Rick Grimes in the police car! Michonne has officially hit the wall with everything and her visible exasperation and anger is being played with precision by Danai Gurira. This kind of attitude can quickly become grating and unsympathetic, but Gurira really brings you into her own personal hell and I love it.

Another woman owning the screen is Maggie. First, she calls out Father Gabriel and then she finds the tied up walker in the trunk. The emotional conflict she goes through after this discovery was so saddening, but it was nowhere near as wrenching as her talking about Beth. Maggie had gone to the bad place after Hershel’s death and it was simply easier for her to assume Beth was dead. Maggie has also hit the wall, but she is dealing with it in a much different way than Michonne. Lauren Cohan has always been great, but it was nice to see her really shine and I’m definitely interested in how Maggie and Daryl are going to bond over their shared loss.

After letting all of the sadness out, Daryl is angry and like a caged animal in that barn when the storm starts up. Watching all of our survivors use every ounce of energy and strength they have left to keep walkers out of a barn, rather than in one, was gorgeous. It brought everyone back together and reminded them why they’re still doing this every day.

Rick’s speech around the fire has been met with equal parts love and hate. The beginning was beautiful when he explained that he thinks it’s probably easier for the kids to deal with this world because that’s just what you do when you’re growing up. Michonne’s immediate reaction that “This isn’t the world, it just isn’t.” only proved his point and drove home how angry she is at the world. As Rick tells the story of his grandfather, it ultimately leads up to him saying, “We are the walking dead.” This line comes straight from the comic and, overall, this was a really great moment filled with so many unsaid things from the rest of the group. Lincoln has stated that this scene actually made him cry and that came through, which is why I found it to be especially effective. Some people found it silly that he actually said the title of the show, but I thought it was lovely and not at all cheesy.

In The Walking Dead world there are always tons of convenient circumstances and this episode was no different. Despite every tree around the barn being on the ground, not one of them hit it ……..and cue obvious statement. “It should have torn us down,” says Sasha. Maggie simply replies, “It didn’t.” Just as our girls are having a moment of peace, they are interrupted by some guy who just walked off the pages of an REI catalogue. Aaron is definitely stranger danger and the closing scene of the ladies pointing their guns while the tiny ballerina danced to the eerie jewelry box music was perfect, perfect, perfect.

As per usual, an episode that was light on action and walker carnage was accused by some as boring and useless, but I found the writing on this episode fantastic and the acting impeccable. This is a drama about people who are constantly having to face danger, death and loss and this episode really drove that home. It was beautiful.


The dog scene was definitely something I was dreading, but it was handled as “nicely” as something like that can be. Only our survivors are allowed to eat dog meat, though. Please, always say No To Dog Meat.

I said it last night and I’ll say it again. Eugene is Abraham’s mission. Lie or no lie, Abraham is only alive because he made Eugene his mission and that’s why he knocked the water out of his hands.

The tied up walker in the trunk? I assumed she had been placed there pre-outbreak and Sci-Fi Honey 2.0 agrees. We are two women who are keenly in tune to unsubs, so we know of what we speak. Seriously though, is the owner of the car that had the potential kidnapping victim in their trunk in the vicinity? Are they in Neegan’s group? How much danger are we going to be facing down before season’s end?

Best line of the show? “Glen just got dicked.”

Thank you Abraham.

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