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As TWD builds to its season ender, @Lcfremont recaps the ep. Discussion points – Serial killings, Deanna’s bad move & Rick’s meltdown…

Try as he might, Rick Grimes was not built for the cage called Alexandria and while this is not a surprise to us, it sure seems to be one for Deanna. As you may recall, I was giving Deanna all kinds of credit for being super intuitive, but I was wrong. I thought she was a smart woman who was bringing in someone to take out the trash, but she was doing what many women are guilty of. She chose Rick thinking that she could bring him in, control him and try to change him. Bad move Deanna, real bad. Still, I’m intrigued by her constant reminders that she see’s a great deal. Perhaps someone is monitoring the residents of Alexandria a la The Returned?

Carol is still operating under her super stealthy homemaker identity and leaving well meaning casseroles while Sasha is literally batty in the belfry. Seriously, Sasha and Tyreese never learned any kind of valuable emotional coping skills. She’s just this side of crazy and she better settle down or I don’t think she will be seeing next season. This episode intro was a really fantastic display of utilizing music to help amp up the tension and show that everything is about to unravel and it won’t be pretty.

As Nicholas tells his namby/pamby version of events, Glenn tells Rick what really happened and this is just adding fuel to his fire. Rick has been looking for an excuse to claim Alexandria since the moment he walked through that gate and now he has one. One can’t help but wonder if it had been Daryl instead of Glenn on the other side of this conversation if Rick would have truly heard him when he said, “We are them. We are now. Noah, he believed in this place. I’m telling you, we’ve got to make this work.” Glenn is heeding Noah’s plead to not let go of the dream of the future, but Rick can’t see past his masculine drive to rescue Jessie and take ownership of the town and this is extremely conflicting. On the one hand, who didn’t get excited when Rick told Pete to, “Keep walking”, but on the other hand, his myopic view of the situation could prove deadly for the others and we all know that the show runners have been promising an extra bloody and heartbreaking season five finale. Has the Ricktatorship finally jumped the shark or is it exactly what everyone needs? Abraham did say that the world was going to need a Rick Grimes and it is true that sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. Speaking of which……where the hell is Morgan? He went from being the wackadoo in an abandoned town to the guy who has been following our group and he seems to have a street named after him in Alexandria. How is he tied into all of this and is he a good guy or a bad guy?

While I appreciated the attempt at tackling capital punishment, it felt a little hasty and almost as if they were hoping that we wouldn’t really notice. Sure, Pete is a surgeon, but that doesn’t mean he gets to hit his wife while his son is hiding in the closet. I’m totally with Rick on this one. Besides, it’s not as if we can’t just go get the surgeon in that creepy hospital that kidnapped Beth. Pete is not the last surgeon on earth and his negatives are definitely outweighing his positives.

Enid seems to be the only resident of Alexandria suffering from the same wanderlust as our group and that still puts her on the suspect list. Are they trying to endear us to her so it will be more traumatic when she proves to be untrustworthy or is it actually necessary to set up a love story for Carl? Carl, one of the most maligned characters on the show. Perhaps they’re trying to improve Carl’s favorability among the fans?
In case you managed to not be hit over the head with the message that people need to be free despite the fact that walkers have inherited the earth, they really drove it home on this one. Just like you can’t change a man, you can’t tame a wild animal and Alexandria definitely invited the wrong people in. Rick told them not to allow people in, but they didn’t listen and now everyone is going to pay the price. Father Gabriel, or FatherDick as I like to call him, isn’t completely wrong in warning Deanna. Quite frankly, at this point, it has practically been put into neon lights: DO NOT LET WILD ANIMALS INTO YOUR COMMUNITY.

Which brings me to the serial killer business that is taking place outside of the walls. Someone is not only carving ‘W’s onto people’s foreheads, but they are tying people to trees for walker bait and chopping up bodies. This is some straight up Jeffrey Dammer business and I absolutely cannot wait to find out who is responsible. Is it one of these Wolves that we’ve heard about? If this maniac lives/lived in Alexandria would Deanna be willing to consider capital punishment for them or would she still go the blind eye route to them as well?

Rick’s craziness was a long time coming and who can blame him? These people are having friendly conversations on their porches, walking their dogs and reading in the sunshine while Jessie is being beat and walkers seem to be answering some sort of siren call to Alexandria. Not sure how much I care for Rick playing the white knight to Jessie, but he’s correct when he says, “You don’t get to just live. If you don’t fight, you die.” and if this is what it takes to push him into Taxi Driver territory asking if Deanna is talking about him, I’m fine with that. Andrew Lincoln delivered the goods with this melt down scene; it was testosterone craziness at an 11 and the reactions from the bystanders were very telling. Carol was definitely doing a happy dance in her head and she just couldn’t keep that shit eating grin off of her face. Deanna thought she was controlling the situation, but only Michonne and Daryl can talk Rick down. Michonne has been slowly becoming the steady, moral compass and she took care of business her own way. My only concern is that this officially puts her up on the chopping block right alongside Daryl, Carol and Glenn. We all know that Daryl is going to swoop in at the last minute just like he did last season, but how many times can Rick and Daryl save one another? Glenn is desperate for normalcy and this might prove detrimental for him. Carol is still in Charles Bronson mode and seems to be suffering from the same level of hubris that Rick is and you know what that means. It means someone is going to be taken off of their high horse. Everyone is up for elimination and this TV Baby is praying that Rick, Daryl, Carol and Glenn all get to shantay and stay. FatherDick, you can sashay away with Nicholas, Pete, Deanna and random serial killer lurking in the woods. Morgan, I know you’re out there and if you’re a bad guy, I hope you meet Rick’s red handled machete.


Please watch the original version of The Returned and not the American remake. Thank you.

Yes, I know that it was technically a Nine Inch Nails song, but Trent Reznor has kind of become the new Danny Elfman when it comes to ubiquitous music placement in movies and television.

You know what I have just never been able to wrap my brain around? Casseroles. Especially one that involves canned tuna.

Um, were those empty graves Deanna was standing in front of?

Officially over the blood hitting the camera. This is not a video game, nor is it the place to break the fourth wall. Please stop.

Rick, I know a lot of people prefer you with a beard, but I prefer you covered in blood.

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