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What can we say about WolfCop that isn’t already said in the title? Lou Garou is a cop in a tiny Canadian town where they hold a yearly sip n shoot and are home to a chain of stores that sell donuts and liquor. In case these two things haven’t tipped you off, this is the kind of town where alcoholics and lifetime criminals go to die. We meet Lou after a one night stand as he drives to work drunk and chooses to not apprehend the many criminals he sees on his way. Yes, Lou is a drunk driving, lazy ass, bad attitude cop and his life is about to get even more grim.

Thanks to a bizarre nighttime ritual that involves the blood of an innocent, Lou wakes up as a werewolf. He is not just any werewolf, though, he’s a werewolf who gains extra strength after downing liquor. This extra special quality comes in handy when fighting the local gang and fending off a group of shape shifting wackadoos who want to use Lou’s werewolf blood for nefarious purposes.

Basically, this movie is everything that you imagine it is going to be. It’s about a cop who turns into a wolf. If you are expecting a deep, thoughtful, genre bending, highly polished piece of cinema, please look somewhere else. If you are expecting a balls to the wall, proud to be cheesy practical effects driven film then you have come to the right place.

WolfCop has loads of gore and it’s all practical and, considering the budget, these are some pretty good effects. Lou is certainly no American Werewolf in London, but he looks better than your average trick r treater. As tends to be the norm in a film about lycanthropy, we get to witness the first transformation and this one actually delivers something you have never seen before. Wolf Cock. Don’t adjust your eyes kids, you will see Lou Garou’s penis change along with the rest of him and it’s spectacular. We’re not done yet! You will also be treated to an excruciatingly long sex scene between our wolf and a buxom brunette. If the movie weren’t so cheesy, this would be one of the most uncomfortable sex scenes put to film, but it’s just as audacious as everything else that goes on in this movie, so it works. Also included for your viewing pleasure is a montage of Lou making his car WolfCop appropriate, complete with a giant W on the hood.

While there is a legitimate story to explain the how’s and why’s of Lou’s transformation, it’s almost unnecessary and, at times, the dialogue gets a bit too windy. Let’s be real: I don’t need to hear a bunch of history about shape shifters and werewolves. Bring on the blood, gore and cheeky attitude. With many laugh out loud moments, this movie is just begging to be turned into a late night drinking game which you can play until the inevitable sequel is unleashed on us. Yes, there will be a sequel. WolfCop is so bad ass, he even has his own rap song playing over the end credits. So, stop playing it cool and pretending as though you only want to watch really high class films; Wolf Cop is where it’s at.

Lisa Fremont
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