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@lcfremont waves goodbye to Season 5 but not before discussing – The Ricktatorship, Carol being a badass & whether its Throat Slitting Tuesday or just spaghetti night…

I think it’s now safe to say that season five of The Walking Dead has been the best yet. Rick began the season waiting for the slaughter at Terminus and ended it exactly where he belongs:in control. The Ricktatorship cannot be denied because it is an unstoppable and necessary force. Abraham said it best when he declared that the new world is going to need a Rick Grimes. Well, he was also correct when he said, “There’s a vast ocean of shit that you people don’t know about. Rick knows every fine grain of said shit and then some.” I officially nominate Abraham to be the records keeper of the new world.

Much, too much, was made of how dramatic this season finale was going to be. They really had us worked up into thinking that we were going to lose a main character. Thankfully, we only lost Pete and Deanna’s husband. I’m quite sure that he has a name, but any man who yells for his pocket size wife to break up a fight between two men is not worthy of me acknowledging it. Unfortunately, we did not get to rejoice over the death of Father Gabriel or Nicholas. Looks like Glenn really learned a lot from Hershel and I admire that, but I really needed to see Glenn dole out some serious retribution. Both Glenn and Sasha were unable to follow through on their anger and this leaves us with two exceptionally weak links in Alexandria. Now that Father Gabriel and Nicholas have earned a pass, I do hope that their characters become more complex, otherwise, it was all for nothing. On that note, I also look forward to seeing Sasha find her way out of this emotional hole she finds herself in.

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We may not yet know where Morgan has been, but we do know that he picked up some serious ninja fighting abilities along the way. Seriously, where did Morgan happen to stumble upon a zen kung fu school? Did he take the red pill or the blue pill? Who knows, but it was fun to watch his exchange with the Wolves. Ah, the Wolves. It feels as though we have been waiting ages for them to show up and then when they finally do it’s a bit unspectacular, however, those big rig techno booby traps that they have set up were pretty awesome. When it comes to the Wolves, we learned just enough to know that they are going to be giving the Claimed group a run for their money.

Anyone else thinking that these are the men that Aaron drove out of Alexandria?

Daryl brought up an extremely valid question after hearing Aaron’s story. “They just went?”
As Daryl and Aaron sat in that car surrounded by walkers, we were treated to the always sought after, but ever elusive Daryl who allows his emotions to show through. I know Aaron said that Daryl is the reason the group was chosen for Alexandria, but how did Aaron know Rick’s name? Currently, I adore Aaron and Eric, but the suspicious part of me can’t help but wonder if Aaron isn’t as sweet as he appears to be.

Rick is a man at his wit’s end and he’s at ease with the thought of slitting people’s throats in order to reign in the ineptitude that is Alexandria. At this point, it seems as though Rick’s brain says, “Hey, it’s Tuesday so we should probably slit someone’s throat. Wait. Is this the day we eat spaghetti?” Now, we know that Rick is a good man, but he is looking a little crazy train to the people of Alexandria, so they hold a town meeting to discuss Rick’s future. Well, just in case anyone at that silly town meeting was doubting Rick’s capabilities, he strolls in with blood on his face and a walker over his shoulder. Talk about dropping the mic.

The only other person who comes close to Rick’s level of leadership is Carol. Carol is absolutely killing it as a wolf in sheep’s clothing and I cannot wait to see how she continues to aid Rick and MIchonne. The three of them together could prove unstoppable and it looks as though this is what everyone is going to need when the Wolves come.

This season came to a close with everyone where they belong. Thankfully, we didn’t suffer a huge death and Deanna is finally on board with Rick. She sure did change her mind on capital punishment in the blink of an eye, but at least we got rid of Pete and Rick was the one to do it. It was a win for everyone. With the, hopefully, blessed reunion between Rick and Morgan, we may have ourselves a formidable team. Rick was born to lead, Michonne is an indispensable asset of both mental and physical strength, Carol has turned into the baddest bitch to ever don a cardigan sweater, Maggie has officially replaced Hershel, Glenn is sticking to his morals, Daryl seems to have calmed down a bit and Morgan appears to be a positive addition. Chatter about the character of Neegan was at high levels, so it was mildly disappointing not to meet him, but I suppose our group needs to reassess and recharge for the inevitable battle with the Wolves. TV Babies, what did you enjoy about this season finale? Did it live up to your expectations or were you disappointed?

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Daryl decapitating three walkers with a chain? Yes, please.

Father Gabriel has been crying over his poor decision since we met him. Girl, stop crying, pull your panties up and move forward.

Really happy to see Michonne take her sword down off of the wall.

Yes, it would be poor manners to return Carol’s dish unwashed.

Rick. Is. Always. Right.

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