Hollywood Stole My Halloween

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@fkmuse likes a laugh but there is nothing funny about her formative horror moments…

It starts when I’m three, maybe five, years old, I’m hiding behind my dad’s sofa. He’s watching something called “Freddy” or maybe it has someone called that in it? He knows I’m awake; he doesn’t care.

I’m not sleeping ever again.

Weeks later, it’s Halloween and I am dressed up like a witch. My mum is taking me out first, my dad is taking me out second. My mum is dressed as Jason, the Camp Crystal Lake killer, I hold her hand and barely say anything.

My Dad comes to pick me up at my school’s parking lot. He is dressed as Freddy Kruger, I’m terrified but hug him anyway. My parents bicker and it makes me sad. Mum hugs me goodbye. I witnessed Freddy vs. Jason eleven years before it ever hit a screen. Yes, Hollywood stole my Halloween.

These days, I talk. Andy Warhol once said he preferred talkers over beauties. He’d have loved me. I talk. During movies (bad I know) and I love joking at EVERYTHING. I love getting a laugh, its what I aim for.

As I got older, I joined the girl scouts where I started going to summer camp. During my time there I learned how to sing Green Day, wrote the camp play and heard my first campfire tale.

These are three things changed and shaped me. I became who I am today. It was a series of seemingly random events, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Lacie Grayson

Twitter: @fkmuse

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